Product reviews given are my honest to goodness opinion on an item…if it is great, you will know.  If it sucks, you will know.  And as always, all babies are different….what one baby loves, another may not.  I personally have always found product reviews to be helpful and I hope that my reviews, as a mommy, will help other moms who want to learn about a product.

If you are interested in me reviewing on of your products, feel free to contact me at


-All Terrain Products
-Sushi Go Round Video Game
-Kooky Pens
-Tommee Tippee
-Little Green Books
-Baisley and Paisley Books
-Space Savers
-Good Earth Gift Package
-Smart Mom Teething Bling

-GuideCraft Work Bench


-Gund HuggieBuddy
-Fuzzibunz One Size Cloth Diapers
-BumGenius 3.0 One Size Cloth Diapers
-Boogie Wipes 
-Potato Patch Closet Dividers 
-bbphone iPhone App 
-Flower Duet
-Offspring Cloth Diapers
-Your Memories Captured
Bummas Wipes
-My Baby Can Talk
-Earth Mama Angel Baby Milk Tea
-Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Body Wash


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