Monday, February 22, 2010

Gund HuggyBuddy

I bought Lilly a Gund HuggyBuddy when I was about 20 weeks pregnant...I had no idea if she would like it but I thought it was super cute and VERY soft (we all know how soft Gund products are) and I found it on I figured, why not?

Fast forward to now....Lilly is nearing 4 months old....I brought out her huggybuddy s (Hers is a pink teddy bear) and let her play with it...see how she liked it...well...she LOVES it! And it is SO cute to watch her play with it...since the body is like a blanket and the head it is stuffed, it is very easy for her to grab and hug. Apparently, it tastes pretty good too because Lilly will nom on that thing!

I have a pretty good feeling that this may become her lovey...that one thing she has to have wherever we go....and when I bought this...that was actually my hope. I'm going to wait on it a bit but if it does turn out to be her lovey...I am going to buy 2 more of the same kind in case we lose one or the first one becomes to ratty....I know from past experiences (with my friends kids) that a look-a-like will NOT do!

Baby Tested, Mommy Approved....I give this product 5 out of 5 giggles!

You can find ALL the different kinds of HuggyBuddy's through the link below.


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