Friday, March 5, 2010

A Newbs Perspective on Cloth Diapers

The hubby and I have decided to make the switch to cloth diapers. Why? Well, honestly, it is mostly to save money...yes, it is good for the environment too but we decided to make the switch because of the outrageous amount of money we were spending on was insane!....So now we are in cloth...but you better believe I will still be on the hunt for huggies and pampers codes!

Anyhow...Aaron and I wanted something simple....prefolds were far too intimidating...we wanted something that was nearly exactly like a disposable...we tried two different kinds of cloth diapers: BumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diapers and Fuzzibunz one size pocket diapers.

Aaron and I like both brands and love that they are very similar to disposables but we do prefer the bumgenius. Why? We prefer the bumgenius diapers because you fasten them with velcro not buttons. See here...

This is almost IDENTICAL to a disposable diaper....I open it up like a regular sposie, and put it on exactly like I would a disposable...the only difference is taking it off and not throwing it away. When we take it off, I shake out (into the diaper pail) or pull out the inserts inside the pocket...then we put all of that (plus the cloth wipes) into the diaper pail with our awesome stink free planet wise pail liner wet bag! So what's a wet bag? Basically, when it is time to launder the diapers, I pull out the wet bag full of diapers and take it to the washer....I open up the bag and push out all of the diapers into the washer by flipping the bag inside out (NEVER touching any of the dirty diapers)...once it is empty...I throw the wet bag into the washer with the diapers and start the wash!

Drying is a cinch too! Since they are pocket diapers, they dry super quick...I hang them out on a clothesline to dry and so they get some sun to get rid of any stains...the sun is like some type of magic, I tell ya! Oh and this is totally silly but seeing all those little cute cloth diapers hanging on the clothesline makes me is so CUTE! Once they are all dry, I bring them in...put the inserts into each diaper and stash them in their baskets so they are ready to use! Easy Peasy!

The other really cool thing about the BumGenius 3.0 one size diaper is the covered insert...apparently, in older generations of the diaper, some people were having issues with leaking at the top of the diapers because the insert wasn't covered...well now, they designed a covered insert opening that keeps the baby dry.

Oh and if you are wondering how this works as one size, there are little 3x3 snaps that you can adjust the size of the you can set the diaper at a small, medium or large setting....Lilly is just over 13 pounds (13lbs 2oz) and she is at the smallest setting and it fits her great!

Though we do prefer the BumGenius and it is honestly because we wanted something incredibly simple (like the velcro fasteners), we do still like the fuzzibunz one size. The fuzzibunz one size has snaps rather than velcro...that is the ONLY reason I prefer the BumGenius to Fuzzibunz, otherwise both are freaking awesome. The snaps are not difficult to use at all but I just find it easier (especially late at night when I am half asleep) to fasten velcro rather than trying to line up snaps.

One thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the fuzzibunz is the adjustable elastic in the legs and really allows for you to adjust the diaper to a perfect fit. The legs adjust the length of the diaper to 8+ settings and in the waist up to 4+ settings. I have to say, if fuzzibunz had a one size diaper that had velcro fasteners rather than snaps, I would prefer this diaper over the bumgenius...both provide a great fit but I really love how much adjusting you can do with this diaper....If your baby has a skinny tummy and chunky thighs, you can adjust for that.

One thing, for us, both the fuzzibunz and bumgenius give Lilly quite the fluffy bum...she is a pretty heavy wetter and so we use both inserts for every diaper...even during the day. She doesn't seem to mind though and she is super cute with her fluffy bum!

Personally, I think BumGenius and Fuzzibunz should work together to create an ultimate product for us mommy's and daddy's who want something super simple....let's have the velcro fasteners, adjustable leg and waist elastic and the covered insert protection! That would be the ultimate diaper in this mommy's opinion!

If you are thinking about making the switch to cloth diapers, I really wouldn't hesitate...jump on really isn't as difficult as it seems and you'll be saving so much money too. If you still aren't sure, Jillians Drawers has a great program where you can try cloth diapering for just $10. Click HERE to read more about the program!

Now, I am just on the lookout for the perfect cloth wipes!


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