Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learn How to Make your own TUTU's!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures of Lilly in tutu's...as you can see from the pictures posted!

I love using them for her "month-day" photo shoots...I just think they always come out so adorable.

I actually got Lilly's tutu's on Etsy but I was recently contacted Jenni who is launching her Miss Tutu site on April 7th! Now, get this, you can get a free tutu-making lesson (no sew!!) by signing up at her site! Just go to:


and where it asks you to put the name of the mom who referred you, put: Mommy Saves Money.

Now, the temporary site is up right now but the new one will launch on April 7th! Anyone who registers for the free lesson before April 7th will get it on April 7th. If you register after April 7th, you will be emailed the lesson right away!

Have fun making your tutu's!!


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