Wednesday, April 7, 2010

101 in 1001

I read about this on The Bump and thought it was a great idea! So what is it? It's a list of 101 things you want to do/accomplish within the next 1001 days. I am going to start the 101 days on April 7th which means I have until January 2, 2013 to complete my 101 goals!

1. Get pregnant with #2 (after 2 years of infertility and treatments to get pregnant with Lilly, I am praying it's easier the next go round).
2. Go indoor skydiving.
3. Take Lilly to Disneyland.
4. Back up all Homemade Videos onto external hard drive
5. Back up all homemade videos onto DVD
6. Go on a Cruise
7. Write and Illustrate a Children's book.
8. Re-Open my Etsy Shop
9. Create a first year montage DVD for Lilly
10. Create and publish a Blurb book of Lilly's first year.
11. Make an ABC board or photo book using pictures Lilly will recognize as her favorites.
12. Change our cell phone carrier to AT&T and get an iPhone
13. Visit the San Francisco Zoo.
14. Visit the Oakland Zoo.
15. Visit the new and improved Happy Hallow.
16. Create a family cookbook
17. Take Lilly to a San Francisco Giants baseball game.
18. Continue breastfeeding until Lilly is at least 1 year.
19. Learn how to knit or crotchet beanies/hats.
20. Visit Yosemite while there is snowfall.
21. Run a 1/2 marathon.
22. Go on a miniature Road Trip (1 week or so)
23. Host a GTG at my home.
24. Sell the town home.
25. Visit the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.
26. Visit the San Jose Winchester Mystery House.
27. Pay off all credit cards and loans.
28. Have a date night
29. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
30. Have a 30th birthday bash for both, Aaron and myself.
31. Ride in a paddle boat as a family.
32. Finish my Masters Degree
33. Visit Gilroy Gardens
34. Make Lilly a Super Cape
35. Hand paint an aisle runner for my sisters wedding
36. Paint a mural on canvas
37. Take a photoshop class
38. Learn how to use my DSLR camera in manual mode
39. Have a family picnic at Vasona Park
40. Have a camp out in our backyard
41. Have 500 blog followers
42. Save $200 in coin change
43. Have Lilly's 1 year photos taken professionally
44. Go hiking as a family at Quicksilver Park
45. Make a large cupcake smash cake for Lilly's first birthday
46. Build something
47. Have a spa day (massage and pedicure)
48. Buy a good set of knives
49. Remodel the bathrooms
50. Go to the Children's Discovery Museum
51. Visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
52. Back up all images of Lilly and pregnancy onto external hard drive
53. Back up all images of Lilly and pregnancy onto DVD
54. Create a playlist on my iPod with all of Lilly's favorite songs
55. Paint a mural of the Chicago Cubs logo in the Garage
56. Name a star after Lilly using
57. Put away $10 for every goal completed
58. Complete Lilly's 365 photo blog
59. Build a snowman
60. Potty Train Lilly
61. Get a really cool play structure for the backyard
62. Go indoor rock climbing
63. remove and replace the sprinklers in the backyard
64. lay new sod in the backyard
65. Add new landscaping to the backyard
66. Remove and Replace the Kitchen Cabinets
67. Remove lineoluem and replace with tile in kitchen
68. Paint the Kitchen
69. Replace the front door
70. Organize the garage
71. Make Lilly a tutu
72. Make my own cleaning solutions
73. Plant flowers
74. Do a massive spring cleaning
75. Go to the Japanese Friendship Gardens and Kelley Park
76. Visit Pier 39
77. Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
78. Reach my goal weight (5'10 @ 155)
79. Get a Hammock for the backyard
80. Read 20 books
81. Take Lilly to a diaper days movie
82. Re-shelve and organize the pantry
83. Have all emergency supplies in or near (for larger items) the Emergency tub
84. Turn our U.S. Road Trip blog into a blurb book
85. Mount the TV over the Fireplace
86. Visit Reno when it's snowing
87. Teach Lilly how to make a snow angel while visiting the snow
88. Continue being a stay at home mom
89. Take Lilly puddle jumping
90. Go to Disney World
91. Have a Picnic at Golden Gate Park
92. Take Lilly to the beach
93. Build a sand castle at the Beach
94. Fix the garage door
95. Get a garage door opener
96. Teach Lilly to swim
97. Paint the bedroom
98. Get a new mattress and sheet set for the bedroom
99. Trade in my Honda Pilot for a Honda Odyssey
100. Go to the San Diego Zoo
101. Go to Sea World in San Diego


  1. I LOVE the 101 in 1001! I'm definitely going to do it myself. I've been struggling with getting a blog up and going, even if it's just to write to myself. Also, it looks like you and I are both San Jose mamas, or at least you must be close to San Jose. :) Thanks for the post!

  2. What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it!! Thanks for the idea. :)

  4. This is awesome. Stealing this idea!



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