Friday, September 3, 2010

Copyright Infringement- BLOGGERS BEWARE!

I have been informed by a reader that at least one of my posts has been copied and reused without my permission on another blog. This particular "blogger" has been stealing posts from several blogs (reviews and giveaways) and from what I've heard and read, her blog shows false stats as well.

The fake blog is known as "The Down Home Diva" and she/he copied and pasted word for word my review for and even used one of my pictures. The blog has since been removed. I know that the blog was reported by several people who were violated and others, so I am assuming that it was removed by blogger.

I just wanted to write this post to remind you all of the creepers and thieves out there...I am glad that the only post that was taken did not contain any pictures of Lilly. And now, since this has happened, I am not feeling comfortable posting pictures of Lilly on this blog any longer. I have always kept Lilly's milestone and just everyday blog private because this was always a concern for me with a public blog but I have included pictures of Lilly using some of the products that I review on this blog; and now, from this point forward, all reviews will contain pictures of the product and my review of the product with no pictures of Lilly using them. I will, as always, review the product and let you know how she liked it but I won't be posting any more pictures of her on this public blog.

I would like to thank the reader for bringing this to my attention and to Belly Charms, the company who first noticed and exposed her on Facebook.


  1. Oh my gosh, how dishonest of that blogger or group of bloggers. Why on earth would they steal reviews etc? Starting off on that foot will never get you anywhere! Glad this whole shady business was exposed!

  2. From what I have read, the fake blogger was using the reviews and fake 2000+ followers to get product review business from companies. The fake blogger contacted belly charms to do a review and belly charms happened to notice she was scamming (Her follower box is copied, her networked blog box is copied, and stolen review posts).

    So I am guessing she was just trying to look like a more established blogger so she could get companies to send her products to review/giveaway. Very shady and dishonest!

  3. This riles me, too, the copyright infrigement and use of photographs. I support your blog post 1000% and have just joined as a follower.

    Please follow back at, I'd love to have you join!



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