Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bio Shield Technologies HandClens Review

Recently I was sent an alcohol free hand sanitizer that is safe for children under 1 from Bio Shield Technologies. I was mostly excited to try this because it was safe to use on my daughter and it's nice to have something quick, easy and effective to clean her up rather than have to run her hands under the sink and wash up....or if we don't have a sink available.

I LOVE this hand sanitizer. It doesn't not have an overpowering smell and it is a sanitizer AND lotion. I feel like my hands are cleaner and moisturized after using it. And it doesn't irritate Lilly's skin even in the slightest! It's really great. I will definitely be picking up another Hand Clens Foaming Pump once ours runs out!

Bio Shield Technologies has many other products you can check out too. They provide alcohol - free and green sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaners and antimicrobial protected coating technologies to schools, public safety offices and individuals wishing to keep themselves clean. They even have some hands free touchless dispensers!!!

Check them out! I highly recommend them!


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